GEODES ….coolest rocks ever!

Third grade students have the exciting chance to hammer open some geodes!  Each student will get to take their geodes home with them to always be a reminder to play outside!  …so put a little piece by all of the screens in your house and think of Mrs. Happy when you see them!!  ….and then go outside to play!  🙂


Nature Boxes – Kindergarten

Every kid needs a nature collection so kindergarten students decorated some Nature Boxes!  To start off their collection every student was given a beautiful polished rock, a piece of a wasp nest, a shell, a piece of snake skin, and a feather!

HPS Bird Families

We are surrounded with baby birds!  One of the most heartwarming things to watch is all of our energetic, bouncy classes WILLINGLY silence themselves immediately so that these little baby fledglings feel safe as we pass by ….at a distance.  🙂  Even though we know not to feed birds during this time of year we have sprinkled some dry mealworms around as a special treat for these bird families.  So cute!!

Our Beautiful HPS Trails

Our trails have been changing right before our eyes!  It seems like this was the week when ALLLLLLLLLL the leaves popped out.  We are excited to see that chlorophyll is out there and back in action!  We were also happy to see our patch of lady slippers is growing.  Did you know that the pink lady slipper is the NH State Wildflower?  Our students are so lucky to have these trails right here on our school property.

Grow Little Green Beans Grow!!

Second grade has an awesome plant project going on right now!  In addition to taking very good care of their own green bean plant we also have set up an experiment to see what happens when we do WEIRD things to seeds.  We have sure had some surprises with the conclusions of this experiment!


Spring Clean Up at HPS

We are back in the gardens!!!  All of the classes are working hard on getting our gardens ready for the spring and new plantings.  First grade will plant some squash and kindergarten will be in charge of our sunflower patch!  We have some very hard workers here …Turtle Island is looking beautiful!

Wiggly Worm Friends

Students have been loving the opportunity to meet our Red Wiggler Composting Worms!  We have enough for every student to name one too!  🙂  These worms are part of our composting program, but are also a wonderful chance to be kind to something small …and an opportunity to realize how important even the littlest of creatures are!

Tap, Tap, Tap…..

First grade students have been busy tapping trees so that our whole school can again be a part of the maple sugaring process!  We have also had the chance to taste some of our cold, refreshing sap …straight from the tree!!